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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

2Gs are mandatory

Since the government recently changed the laws to 2Gs for all branchs, it is necessary that you are vaccinated or covid-19 recovered to get acess to the Weihnacht im Wald

Registration requirement from when?

Children and adults must be registered from the age of 6. Since the registration has to be done purely for organizational and security reasons, this regulation has been made. Children and young people can exchange the registration voucher for an alcohol-free punch.

Registration confirmation

A registration confirmation is always automatically sent by our system by email after payment has been made and the correct email address has been entered. Please check your spam mailbox if necessary. Sometimes a mail gets lost here. If, however, no confirmation email has been received, there is no need to worry, our Christmas in the forest can also be entered on site against identification of personal details.

Workshops and courses

The workshops, courses and guided tours as part of Christmas in the forest are severely limited due to safety and hygiene regulations and participation is only possible with prior registration. The additional registration on the respective day for Christmas in the forest is also required.


Since the registration has to be made purely for organizational and security reasons, the registration fee ensures that registrations are accepted. In return there is a mulled wine or punch. A reimbursement due to prevention is therefore grds. locked out. However, the voucher can be passed on. In the event of this, however, a name registration on site is necessary due to the COVID-19 security concept.


Registration is mandatory for reasons of safety and the well-being of all. The registration fee corresponds to a voucher for a mulled wine or punch on site.

Covid-19 prevention concept

Of course, safety is also an important issue here - a special Covid-19 prevention concept for maintaining distance and hygiene ensures safe cooperation. Click on the arrow to find out more.

What happens to the data I have provided?

The collection of personal data simply serves to track any "COVID-19 infected" and is required by law (so-called contact tracing). The deletion of this data after 14 days is also required by law. We handle the data confidentially and never pass it on to third parties.

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